Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone.

By the time I publish this, about 90 per cent of the human race have already broken their New Years resolution. The other ten percent will take more time, as vows to visit a strange or exotic island, or to wear overalls only twice a month are more complex and take time for people to realize that their new efforts are in vain.

At either rate we are bold and powerful, and everything superhuman, until we wake up. Its rather shocking to realize just how little control one can have over their life. Most people will never admit that they are not totally in control. But no, in reality, we are weak, childish, obsessive; gazing eternally at the shiny apple, which must be good to eat, of course it would be.

Eternally hoping for something better to happen, always wishing for a life that is not theirs, never pausing to wonder if maybe, just maybe...the life you live is perfect for none other than the one cursed with it. And thats the beauty of it....

So, here is to a new year, filled with crazy things, hopes and wishes and promises, waiting to be broken. Here is to a life that is everything you don't want it to be, here is to all who suffer, here is to those who may not see another year turn. Here is to you all...

Enough Said

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