Monday, June 6, 2011

Possibly the Last

I know I promised myself that I wouldn't post here anymore, but today has been an awful day and I feel the need to rant, and this is still the safest place to do it. Still, it is hardly safe anymore, and my thoughts and words are being suppressed as I type, I really don't have any other option. I wonder about this Blog, what it accomplished, what it did for me and the community in general. The answer is rather simple; nothing.

It did nothing but serve as a vent for the tumultuous and terrifyingly taut thoughts that transpired amongst the tangled and twisted turns and tubes that is my head. And this blog was not ever about acquiring readers (a point in which it succeeded quite well in), nor about being read, it was simply about writing to the wind. Not many people know the abandon that comes from writing your processes out carefully and then throwing them to the wind, being careful only to not sign the paper...

But alas, me and my mouth. Would have been wonderful to have kept it shut, but, no I couldn't. I knew I would regret it and so I do. And so, the pages are still unsigned, but there lurks a creature who knows, and who can read these and think of me, and that thought is terrifying in totality. Too bad, I guess. I had a rather nice run.

And so, unable to speak what I really want, I am forced to say goodbye. It's funny, but I don't remember having used the backspace key this much for a blog post EVER. Which is just confirmation that I am doing the right thing. Perhaps I will find a new haven to haunt. Or not. Either rate, this isn't the way I would have liked this to turn out, but nothing ever turns out the way you want it to. Someone people would call it the agony of life. Others would call it cruel fate. Some would call it justice.

I just call it life; it's here, you might as well enjoy it.

Enough Said.....finally.