Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sith Happens? Part I

As I'm writing this post, my wakeup alarm went off. No, I didn't get up early. I have been up all night talking to a very dear friend. It’s funny how time flies.

My topic for today is life. More specifically, the stuff that happens. Here you can replace 'stuff' with your favourite four letter expletive. Why does (as Yoda would say) sith happen? I'm not talking about the unanswerable question of human suffering; I am merely talking about the day to day crap we face in our lives.

What is the deal with toiling through a day endlessly only to try and earn more money to do what? The entire modus operandi of the current way of living, is working as hard as possible, doing things as quickly as possible; everything instant, everything on the internet; everything connected to each other. I am not some old grandfather croaking how the world was a better place in my day. In fact it wasn’t. Some of the world’s worst crimes against humanity were perpetuated during those ‘good ol days’, and I don’t know if it was any better back then.

But has anyone, at any point in time, just lived through live, comfortably; doing what they want, loving their work, not caring about what the rest of the world thinks? I’m sure there must be some. I’m not talking about the hippies or the radicals or anything like that. I just think that life is becoming too focused on making more money. Not just making money. But making more! I wonder if I will be like that, only able to enjoy maybe 2-3 hours a day in the evening whilst struggling through a job I hate because the job I want to do doesn’t pay enough? And always gunning for the better position, at cost to friends, family , co-workers.

Right now I don’t have a steady paying job. I am doing an online writing job where I get paid per word. I’m still in the beginning stages, and I don’t know how it’s going to turn out. I guess that’s my biggest problem with life right now. It’s the same with many of my friends, who are trying to get settled into life, get into college, start a career (without a degree), open a business. And we all have the same problem; how do we make money without letting money make us?

I guess my current goal in life is to find out what I love to do, and how to make a living off of it. I think too many people go into that aspect of their lives and say ‘Ah, I could do this, it looks pretty simple, I have a knack for this area, and the pay is good.’ And they think that is enough. I don’t know, is it? Shouldn’t the question be ‘I love to do this, how can I make money off it’? Eg, ‘ I just love shopping, and clothes, but I don’t have the figure or aspiration to be a model’ What can I do with this, instead of pursuing a Business degree, how about fashion design. Or, ‘I love to play video games. I love to use computers. Why don’t I become a 3d designer for VGames, instead of going learning computer programming’???

Right now, I know what I love to do, and that is write. I hope to be able to go to college next year and study literature and journalism. What’s wrong with someone doing something they love? I guess I need to finish the rest of this tomorrow; stay tuned for part two....The Love of Money..

Enough said...for now

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  1. My dear John,
    this post is so true.
    I walk everyday into the heart of the financial city in London and I still wonder why on earth I am here.
    My job...well...I don't like it, it is just a job to survive right now, and on January I will start a PhD in cool...but I won't be paid right now...which is actually why I need a job I don't like.
    Sometimes I just fear I will be so worried of making money to allow myself to dream my dream job that I am going to forget what is I am dreaming about.
    Tough life, this life.

    I had your same dream, writing. But you know, writing does not feed you, at least it does not if you are not lucky enough, connected to the right people and have a genial idea for a book or similar.
    You have a great journalist touch, and believe me, I have two journalists in my family.
    Just don't give up.