Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Funny Or Stupid?

What a lark, what a plunge. What a disgrace. The post I had been working on last, due to an unknown computer malfunction, has disappeared.

And its a pity, because that would have been my first blog publish that wasn't trying attempts at humor to lame to sufficiently compare to anything in nature along the likes of two legged dogs, one legged kangaroos and three legged humans. Look, I've done it again. Its like a curse.

Bad humor is spreading, and people are just getting lazier and lazier. The ultimate form of lazy humor in this new A.D.D sexually obsessed world is the 'that's what she said' joke. This is, for lack of more words (yes I am being lazy here too illustrate) the easiest joke possible.

It can work in almost any situation. Although the definition of 'work' really means produce a slightly humorous atmosphere not good enough to sustain a real laugh. Its even lamer than 'Knock Knock' jokes, because there are reports (unconfirmed) that a funny 'Knock Knock' joke exists.

Like, I said, 'TWSS' (that's what she said-again the ultimate form of the lazy generation- there are Acronyms for everything) jokes can just be made with anything. 'Why are you doing that?' Reply from Sleazy Bystander (RSB) 'That's what she said?'
'Did you wash your hands?' RSB?? TWSS!!! You see what I mean about lame, right?

And yet the perpetrator of this comic disaster (our aforementioned RSB) somehow feels that he is the wittiest of his species (Yes, the guys are the only ones for this job.....TWSS) and that women should do dances around him and proclaim his the most stallion of all time.

Next thing you know, this person will be up there attempting stand-up comedy. Then he will write a book entitled 'How to be Funny'. Now should this book ever come to print (the fact that there is a demand for these books is a sad joke in itself) I shudder to think of the poor individuals who buy/pirate these books.

Why would anyone buy one of these books? No, that wasn't a rhetorical question. I know the obvious answer is 'to learn how to be funny'. Because, aside from a technical description of jokes (which will give you the ability to lean back in your chair and pronounce, after a funny joke is told by someone else, the exact type of humor used.) there isn't much that these books can teach you.

So the reason you want to be funny is because you want to be popular? Well, after trying one of those books, and managing to learn the technicalities, should you (as I said before) try to describe a joke by using these 'tech terms' you will find yourself moved from the least popular person in the party; to the most popular person in your own party (which will consist entirely of yourself, and if you are of legal age, and a couple of beers).

Because the general public hates technical terms. In fact they hate any word which is over 3 syllables. Except buzz words, which are thrown around so much that they feel comfortable with them and feel extremely intelligent for knowing the meaning of them.

Humor ( I really do not consider myself to be an expert, but I do have an opinion) is not something that can be taught from a book. Its something you have a natural talent for, and work up by practice. Some people are just funny; and they don't even try. So what is my advice?

You want to be funny? Laugh at yourself, there is nothing more humorous than yourself, some see that as sad; but I just say 'Suck it!'.

That's what she said....


  1. I am really bad at humor in English, but I don't really think it is just to be popular that people want to be funny. Can it be because making other people laugh give you some sort of power?

  2. I think telling jokes and being funny is also a matter of time. Not every time is good for a joke but sometimes it's very important to make people laugh.
    Especially when it comes to a girl you're interested in, is very important to know the right time for both to be serious or to be funny. My opinion!

  3. Thanks guys for your comments. Anna; what is power? Or as you are referring to it 'social power', which is really popularity. Sadly, many people do want to be funny just to be popular. Others just have it in them. Jim Carrey said while growing up he was the class clown, and the teacher would let him pull his goofy stunts if he studied well (like he just had it bursting from him).
    David, I whole heartedly agree with what you say, timing is almost everything. I also wonder about placement to. Like in sitcoms; lines that would be real funny watching, would fall flat if done in real life, because they are directed to an unseen viewer; not to the person standing next to you. make sense?

  4. Oh yeah, I totally agree with you. I've tried to repeat jokes I saw on TV and was a complete disaster, y'know, only I laughed at my joke. Terrible! :(
    I think it has to do with the context. On television, besides having a context for what happens, the guy who is watching is already predisposed to laugh, so even if the joke is kinda lost, he will laugh the same way 'cuz he is predisposed to, what is not always the case with the guy on your side, who not saw the sitcom. My theory :)

  5. Social power is a bit more subtle than popularity.
    Popularity is somehting that everyone can see, social power can be an effect of popularity but it is the back side actually, I believe. It is the power someone gains through popularity and beyond popularity. Know what I mean?

  6. True. I guess social power only really shows when you use you realize what kind of social power M.L.K jr had by the protests that went when he was in jail, or the reactions to his speeches.