Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Made Someone Cry

She was doing nothing, harming no one, just existing.
She was there, I was here, she spoke, I spake.
No one could stop me, I had to reply.
No one else would see what I saw.
The tear in her eye.

Style, poise, a beautiful smile
She had it perfect, for a while
Her head drooped, her eyes sunk
And I thought I heard her sigh

I didn't know any better, I couldn't see any clearer.
I just know I made her cry.

Don't ask me How,
Don't ask me why.
I'm in a knot I can't untie

Because a girl I never saw,
Never said hello to
Or goodbye
And I somehow made her cry

Speak softly, hold your wrath
Don't look up, don't hit back
It doesn't hurt to be hurt,
Somehow thought it true

Suppress whats inside,
It never needs to show
Hold it in, never let it go

But even still, it spills out sometime
No ones perfect, not all the time
I didn't see; how could I
And yet I made her cry

It wasn't my fault
It couldn't be helped
I'm innocent
I try to lie

But I know I can't forever
I don't know what to do
I guess I have to tell her goodbye

Because I made someone cry


  1. oh...this is haven't spoken to her and you are already saying goodbye because of the crying...maybe it was just a matter of going closer.

    I noticed you don't follow my blog, too many female things!? how sad :(

  2. oh now I see you :)

    It wasn't my fault
    It couldn't be helped
    I'm innocent
    I try to lie

    You know it's you, still you don't know why...that is peculiar at the very least.

  3. If it was with me I would try to stop holding what's inside and would say it to her before saying goodbye! Maybe she would smile this time! :)