Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wow. I finally have my first followers! The concept of writing for real people is strange, yet I shall try to give it a shot.

I wanted to discuss ego, something which is paramount to the basic functions of the average male. Lately I discovered that I am not the King of All, despite numerous self uttered proclamations, the Universe has denied my demands to fly, walk through walls and wear red jockey briefs on top of my pants.

I may be the first male to realize this. I guess that's the reason why we read comic books, play first player shooter games, and other things like that. You may or may not agree with me, but I believe on some level, every guy thinks he is an unrecognized god of power and love.

From my point of view, sure the action of the game itself is fun. But what is funner, is that alternate reality, where you can do those super back flips, take down 13-15 enemies at the same time; and where you are Schwarzenegger, Willis, and Van damme all at the same time without lifting a single dumb bell.

Its why those movies were and still are so popular. Its why almost every single comic book movie is a mega hit. Its Twilight for guys. Its our ultimate fantasy. To some degree or another, it's why people have such a craze for power, why the system of subordination works. If you think about it, more or less, everyone who works, works for someone more powerful. And it goes up the ladder to where we finally reach the real supermen, (more like supervillains) who have, it could be argued, fulfilled their masochistic dreams and have their form of superpower.

I'm not starting a gender debate. Its just that I don't understand where women and ego stand together, so I will not try to tackle the topic; do forgive me dear women. I'm not talking about sexual desire, or anything, but rather what seems to be the innate desire of every man to be greater in some capacity than his male counterparts.

I recently had an interesting conversation with a woman. I was trying to persuade her to tell me something she knew. She would say nothing on the subject. So I tried the oldest trick in the book; 'You don't really know it'. As she (shockingly) refused to fall for the trick, by just saying 'alright; I don't', I suddenly realized that not only would this trick have worked like magic on my male friends, it would also have worked exactly where I learnt it from. Children. Its child psychology 101.

Think about when you are trying to get something fixed in the house. You're boyfriend will pull out what tools he has from his kit as a child, and try to fix it. At the same time I'm thinking of a little child who will say 'Mommy let me help', to his mother overwhelmed with shopping packages, and even after realizing he can't lift any of them; will still try to help.

Do you see a pattern?

Every guy has something he thinks he is very good at, and please, if any woman are reading this; if you want to keep your guy, you must show trust in him in this aspect. If your guy thinks that he can fix any car, always go to him when you have car trouble. Calling the mechanic will be like cheating and though it may not mean an immediate breakup, it will plant seeds of unresolved conflict that will undermine your guys confidence and create untold problems both for your short term relationship, and for his walk down the path of life.

A guy needs to be needed. He doesn't just want companionship or sex, or friendship. He needs to know that he is the Alpha male, God's gift to women, etc. And girls who constantly complain about their boyfriend in front of other people may soon find that their guy will turn to another woman who makes him feel like a god again.

Thats why showing a little jealousy is important too. Show the guy that you care about him enough that you wouldn't want to lose him. Like you would treat your most prized possession.

But then, the balance. A girl who clings too tight, or is over jealous will cramp a guy, causing him to surface screaming for air. For each guy the limit he can take is different; so its up to womans sometimes untapped intuition to come up with the exact limit.

What do you think? Can a guy function healthily without his ego? Have you ever been downtrodden by a woman? Feel free to discuss.

Enough Said....


  1. This post is an inspiring insight into male disfunction I must say, so thank you so much for sharing these thoughts! :
    I am not willing to start a deep conversation on males and ego and how to keep boyfriends letting them think that they are needed (cause sometimes they aer and sometimes they can be bloody useless).

    What I can tell is something about women and ego.
    A woman always wants and believes to be able to be the one who made the difference for a man, the one who brought the man to change, without asking him to change.
    Let a woman think that she is the one who made a difference in you and she will be always grateful.

  2. Hey dude, I'll tell you what, every human being is a universe in itself, but women can have multiple universes within themselves. Really, it's easier for you to explain the theory of relativity than to explain to some girl why you forgot to call her the next day a date :)

    About what you said related to comics, I agree. I like to think they are my escape from reality for a more an entertaining world, most full of adventure. I love being a fugitive. And I really don't care if it has to do with my pursuit of power or not :)

    Still on comics, I don't know if you've read Y-The Last Man, but is a fantastic story. A brief summary: all beings on earth with the Y chromosome died, except for one guy and a monkey. So the world shall be governed by the women who took the male social architecture and destroyed it, creating a new ordem from the female point of view. It's fantastic. Helped me to understand how the whole world, every point on it, is built inside a male perspective.


  4. I didn't say pal? Try to explain! :P

  5. how can u forget to make a simple caaaaaaaall?!?!

  6. I guess nobody ever forgot to call you because you're cute, beautiful, sexy and stuff. But if you do not had these adjectives and were boring, I swear: someone will forget to call back.
    I know you will ask this " But why on earth you decided to date her if she don't attracted you at all?". Well Diva del mio cuore I say that mistakes happen in the best families.I think it's more polite to say nothing than to say that possibly there will not be a next date or insinuate that somehow!!!

  7. Jeez...
    Well, a lot of guys actually let me down, I am not that beautiful, sexy and stuff, believe me. Mostly because I talk too much and I am too complicated, so what happens is that I am TOO MUCH, that is what they say when I am the one calling them back to see why they didn't call me ! ehehheh

    I would suggest you anyway to be polite enough and let the poor girl know that you no longer wish to date her.

    John, show yourself in this duet!!!!

  8. Where are you, John?

  9. Hi guys, sorry, I was a little busy.
    Look, I think not calling or contacting the girl after a date is just plain rude and speaks badly on your upbringing if you can't at least do that much as a simple courtesy.

    But trying to tell a girl that you are not interested in her is very tough, especially for guys; we HATE confrontation.

    I think what guys are scared of is that when they make that call, that means that they enjoyed themselves, want to go out again, and will then be on a fast track to steady dating, and the inevitable walking down the aisle of the court room to hear the divorce proceedings. lol.

    I think, however, an sms, or fb post, or some non-audio communication is the best ( Don't ask why, its just easier) and it's still polite and caring.

    Guys don't realize that if they don't show courtesy to everyone (whether they are attracted to them or not) they will come off (as we more or less do) as selfish and self centered (as we more or less are)...Sadly...
    Will have my next post up soon, sorry have been a tad busy...see ya guys...