Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This is more a collection of ramblings than an actual blog. For those of you so unfortunate to stumble upon this oddly titled blog, allow me to explain. Blunderstone Rookery is not the den where I hide during the day, only to come out in the night as a vampire, werewolf, or a equally frightening singing, dancing Michael Jackson.

The title harks back to the old classic David Copperfield. Again addressing the younger generation of misinformed 2D morons, the same of which spend their time reading Stephanie Myer books (and subsequently would conclude that Blunderstone Rookery is a Vampire hideout); the David Copperfield I am referring to is not a long haired, make-up besmeared and satanic cross bejeweled illusionist.

Its the name of a character in the book of the same name, this book written by Charles Dickens.
Anyways, I picked because I thought it was catchy and uninformative. Again, like a Stephanie Myer book...

To conclude, this is a blog that will be filled more with descriptions of strange thoughts that may or may not occur to me, and it's purpose is neither to inform nor entertain, but to simply make you wonder...

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