Saturday, June 5, 2010

Alright, I finally did it. I succumbed to the trend which everyone must do at sometime or the other. No, not Mary Jane; but something way more common (alright its not more common)... Yes, I tweeted about my blog.

It's rather tough trying to attract visitors to a blog, especially when you keep it secret from everyone who knows you. In fact, this blog is actually secret to the entire world. I could have the transcripts of the missing 18 Watergate minutes, and still no one would be the wiser.

I started this blog with the intent of publishing my most random and quirky thoughts to the public, knowing full well that it may only be viewed by a random Monk in Tibet, or by his Llama.

However, it seems that even they take a disinterest to blogging and the modern world. I think that it would be a better idea for them to try electricity in their mud huts before hoping that they stumble across this collection of rambling which may not guarantee Enlightenment, but possibly a good laugh. Speaking of Enlightenment Shin Sah, if you happen to be reading this, quit sitting under a tree waiting for a light... Try electricity, it works great...

That being said, I actually find it refreshing, to have the joy of writing simply for the sake of writing, without bothering what people (or Llamas) think of. Not judging quality or structure, but simply out there, undiscovered, like the 18 minutes, just hidden from plain sight, the greatest wisdom (or the lamest blog) is always hidden.

Many people ask me the question....fine,if I had many people reading I'm sure one of them would ask me the question 'Why do you hide such great knowledge from the world'. In the interest of keeping some semblance of reality in the picture, I might add that 'great knowledge' may rightly be substituted by 'random garbage' or 'Refuse of the likes of Twilight'.

I prefer to take the optimistic one 'random garbage'. However, in the interest of retaining some level of dignity and to insure that I do not scare away what I am sure is an illiterate Llama (that's right, I'm sure there are literate ones) reading this blog; I shall retain the euphemism 'Great Knowledge', yes I am aware that to label it such is a greater overstatement than 'George W. Bush was a fine president' or 'Blondes are not that dumb' or 'Chimps are walking on the moon'.
( I was kidding about the George Bush quip, I believe that that particular quip is the paramount of stupidity and nothing else can outdo it).

Alright so back to the hypothetical question. Well, my purely hypothetical answer would be that writing is something which should not be hindered by any oppressive readers. the greatest writers never gave two hoots about what people thought of their writing, and simply expressed themselves. So I do likewise, in the hopes that emulating at least the vaguest of their characteristics I can count myself in their tribe.

However, this poses a serious problem. For one I do not wish to be labeled a 'rebel' by my family, teacher or Parole Officer. (just kidding....I don't have a teacher....anymore). I also do not wish to be looked upon as someone who has too much to say. The irony is that whenever one feels that another is more knowledgeable on any subject which perchance they are discussing at the very moment, the other party does his best to silence the more intellectual member by drawing attention to the open zipper, his mispronunciation of some Russian politicians' name (at this point I'd like to mention that neither party knows the real pronunciation, and the idiot with the observant eye is merely bluffing).

However attention is drawn to our friend as being the more intelligent one, surely no great mind would have his zipper open, nor would he not know the pronunciation of (insert random Russian name/local Vodka Brand/Sound made upon contact with high voltage electricity).

Therefore it is best to keep ones mouth shut, and let flow the 'great knowledge' upon some blog read only by an illiterate Llama.

Enough Said...

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