Monday, May 2, 2011

Not Much

I really need to talk to someone. But I can't. For so many reasons. I can't risk burdening anyone I love with these troubles, they are too much, too much to understand, to comprehend, let alone to bear. But I have to say something, to someone, even the dead ears of the information superhighway. Sometimes you can't find anyone who can or will listen, and it's at those times, when you are alone, and have nothing but the walls to share your pain, to listen, to hear, to comfort.

I, am, for lack of a better word; scared. Not of someone or anything, but of the future, of life, of all its worries and cares. All that is expected of me, all there is leading me astray, into a life of nothing. All I want to do is to curl up in a bundle besides my closest friend, and be protected from the evil world as she holds me in her arms and tells me that everything is going to be alright. But she is not here. Story of my life, I guess, everything I hold dear runs away from me.

I have but one Friend left. The one Person who has stayed with me for all my life, the One who promised that He would be with me till the end of the world, the One who stood by me for all these years, the One who is so far away now I can't hear Him anymore. And so, here is me, in all my mortality. Drooping, weak, nothing more than an afeared child, a pathetic existence, a nobody.

Not much at all.....

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